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"Way of the Wolf" shows the Pawnee practice of painting the face white and wearing the wolf cap to take on the wolf's cunning.

"Lightning Boy and Mother Wolf"

"Wolf Clan"

Wolf Dancers

"Shape Shifter"

"Fallen Brother"

"Teton Sioux"

Two Scouts

"Sun Worshipers"

"Prowlers of the Prairie"

"Warriors' Truce"

"Indian Telegraph"

"The Promise" is a reminder of all the promises made to Native Americans before and since the Cherokee Trail of Tears.

"Conception of Clear Water"

In Apache legend, a child was immediately conceived by a painted white woman. This child became the savior of the Apache people and its mother is credited with the creation of the "coming of age" ceremony for the young maidens entering womanhood.

Backgrounds and some graphics courtesy of Silverhawk